We can’t think of anything worse than ripping our clients off (and believe us, we’ve worked in events for long enough to see how some agencies do it!). Because we’re small, we have limited overheads, minimal staff costs and definitely haven’t chosen this career path as a way to make our millions (though we may still buy the odd lottery ticket to buy our dream villa in Ibiza one day).

We are therefore 100% open with all costs involved in every one of our events. We are not one of these agencies that does huge secret mark-ups or asks our suppliers not to discuss their costs in front of our clients.

We also believe that a great event doesn’t have to cost the earth, and neither should the agency you choose to work with. We are up-front, and we also think our fees are pretty competitive in today’s market. We charge either a simple % of your overall event cost* or a flat project management fee agreed at the outset of the project.

*Minimum event budget of £15,000

1331 events