We’ve punched and fought each other, told tales on one another and pulled each other’s hair out. But from these childhood battles we’ve grown up to find ourselves in the same career and with a very similar outlook and way of working. And so 1331 Events was born (in case you were wondering, the 13 is Amy’s birthday and the 31 is Olivia’s).

As a family business, we have a few indisputable defining qualities: we report to each other, we confide in one another, and in growing the company together, we understand exactly what makes the other tick. We know what inspires, what threatens, what elicits compromise and we think that understanding turns into greater efficiency and service excellence for our clients.

We think that along with face-to-face engagement, the concept of ‘Family’ is also fundamental to the human spirit. We hope our family business is able to expand to include our team, our suppliers and all our customers. Everything we do comes from the heart and we think that really is better. Hopefully you’ll think that too.