We’re often asked for suggestions for great client entertainment. Well, originality definitely goes a long way. Whether it’s a business partner, a new business opportunity or one of your most valued clients, trust us when we say that dinner at the same old restaurant time and time again will not stand in your favour.

Your clients’ time is valuable, and they will stop attending your events when they get better invitations elsewhere. So offer something unique. If you do it right, it can work like magic.

From traditional yet in demand corporate hospitality – rugby, cricket, tennis and horse-racing – to more active days such as driving experiences, learning to play polo, luxury sailing or high speed RIBs, to something as amazing as a helicopter flight to a luxurious hotel or private dining in the sky overlooking your favourite landmark, we can help you plan the perfect day. The options are endless to meet your objectives and leave your clients wanting to see a lot more of you!