A live event is the perfect way to get the attention of existing clients and new business prospects. Unlike any other form of marketing, it offers them the opportunity to experience the look, feel and personality of your brand face to face.

A party or drinks evening offers social engagement, or can be focused more specifically on business development with the launch of a new product or service. Thought-leadership and content-led breakfasts or dinners through which you share your professional expertise are a good way of introducing prospects to your brand without it being an outright sales pitch.

Sponsored events or exhibitions can be a highly effective way to showcase your brand to a large target market offering both face-to-face time with attendees as well as fabulous branding opportunities. However, they can be expensive so you’ll need to prepare carefully to ensure you realise the best return on investment. It’s not always a case of ‘build it and they will come’ – you need to attract people to your stand and keep them there long enough to absorb your brand and message. We can help you with this.

For consumer-led organisations there’s no better way to raise brand awareness than getting out on the street and engaging with potential customers. From pavement pop-ups to performance artists, flash mobs to VR headsets, with experiential campaigns the only limit is your imagination.

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